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Commodity Thermoplastics

Polyolefins used in high-volume and wide-range injection molding applications. They provide a good balance of physical, chemical, mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties for a low cost.


Compounded resins are available in a wide variety of filled and unfilled blends to meet your specifications.
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Compounded resins are typically designed for automotive applications that require impact and flexibility.
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A compounded resin used in applications that require elasticity and flexural fatigue resistance.


A compounded resin used in applications that require high-impact polystyrene.

Engineering Plastics

Compounded to meet very specific key performance indicators. Typically, they are designed to meet higher physical and mechanical specifications.


A polycarbonate and styrenic alloy specially formulated for superior strength and weatherability.
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A specialty styrenic formulation designed for demanding applications such as automotive and white goods.
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A specialty formulation used in applications that require toughness, dimensional stability and high impact.


Specialty formulated nylon blends designed to meet demanding engineered applications in a wide variety of market segments.


A partly crystalline wear-resistant thermoplastic polyester typically used for housings in electrical engineering.


A well-matched formulation used in applications requiring high-temperature performance, chemical resistance and ease of processing.

Custom Plastics

With our in-house lab and our 125,000 sq ft facility, we can make any kind of blended plastic of standard commodity or engineered grades according to your physical, chemical, and mechanical specifications.